Instructions: G907™–2022, Sworn Construction Statement



AIA Document G907™–2022 is intended for use when the Contractor is required to provide a sworn statement describing all persons or entities having performed work or provided materials in furtherance of the Contractor’s Work for a period covered in a progress or final payment.


Completing G907-2022.

Sworn Construction Statement Number. This refers to the number assigned by the Contractor to this specific G907.

Payment Application Number. This refers to the number of the Application and Certificate for Payment submitted for the relevant payment period. This information should coordinate with the application number of any AIA Document G702®, Application and Certificate for Payment, or a related document, that is submitted as part of the documentation in support of the progress or final payment.

Contractor. Include the name of the Contractor or subcontractor applying for payment, and who performed the Work on the Project for the applicable payment period.

Customer. This refers to the name of the party with whom the Contractor has an agreement to perform the Work on the Project.

Property Owner.  This refers to the name of the Owner of the Property where the Work is performed. 

Work. This refers to the type of Work performed by the Contractor on the Project, such as General Construction or Mechanical Work.

Project. Insert the name and address of the Project. The Owner-Contractor Agreement, or a related subcontract, is the usual source of this information.

Property. Consult with an attorney to determine how the Property is legally required to be described in the applicable jurisdiction. In some instances, an address may be sufficient.  However, a legal description of the Property may be required, and that legal description may be required to be in a particular format (metes and bounds, lot and block, etc.).

Supporting Documents. List any documents supporting this sworn construction statement.

Sworn Construction Statement Table. Include all relevant data pertaining to each person or entity that performed work or supplied materials in furtherance of the Contractor’s Work. Contractors should include each person or entity’s type of improvement furnished; Contract Sum; total sum of previous payments; the amount requested under the relevant payment application; and the remaining balance to become due to each such person or entity. Rows may be added or subtracted from the Construction Sworn Statement Table, as appropriate. Column A, Contract Sum, must account for all Modifications and authorized adjustments. The last column, Balance to Become Due, is calculated by subtracting Column B, Total Previous Payments, and Column C, Amount of This Payment Application, from Column A, Contract Sum. In addition to the calculating each row, ensure that each column’s sum is accurately totaled in the final row of the Construction Sworn Statement Table.


Modifications. Particularly with respect to professional or contractor licensing laws, building codes, waiver and release of liens, taxes, monetary and interest charges, arbitration, indemnification, format and font size, AIA Contract Documents may require modification to comply with state or local laws. Users are encouraged to consult an attorney before completing or modifying a document.

Reproductions. This document is a copyrighted work and may not be reproduced or excerpted from without the express written permission of the AIA. There is no implied permission to reproduce this document, nor does membership in The American Institute of Architects confer any further rights to reproduce this document. For more information, see the document footer and the AIA Contract Documents® Terms of Service.

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