FAQs: G709™ – 2018, Proposal Request


Does AIA Contract Documents offer a form an Owner can use to request quotes from the Contractor for new or changed work? 

Yes, G709-2018, Proposal Request is used to secure price quotes for potential work changes. G709 is administered through the Architect who will provide a detailed description of the change for which the proposal is sought. The form does not modify the contract for construction.


Does G709 has to be attached to another document?

No, G709 is a stand-alone form.  However, the Architect may attach drawings and other information as necessary to support the Proposal Request.


How does G709-2018 differ from the previous 2001 version?  

G709-2018 replaced G709-2001, Proposal Request. The form name has been shortened to reflect current industry usage. A revised header block consolidates Project, Owner, Architect, and Contractor information. Checkboxes that identified parties to receive copies of G709 have been eliminated. The body of the request has simplified the way the Architect inserts or identifies its instructions to the Contractor. Additionally, the signature line was removed.


Is G709 essentially the same as a Change Order?

No, it is not. In many circumstances, a Proposal Request will lead to a Change Order, but in others, a Proposal Request may never go beyond obtaining a quote for a change to cost and time. This Proposal Request, prepared and submitted by the Architect to the Contractor, details a potential change in the work. The Architect is to specify the number of days within which the Contractor shall submit its proposal. Thereafter, the Owner is free to accept or decline the Proposal Request.


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