Summary: B305™–2021, Architect’s Qualification Statement


AIA Document B305™–2021 is a standard form where an architect can enter information regarding its professional qualifications. Owners can then review the information provided in B305-2021 to help in selecting an architect for a project. An owner may use AIA Document B305–2021 as part of the selection and hiring process or as a final check on the architect’s credentials before or after a contract has been signed. B305-2021 is intended to be an initial, and somewhat general, conveyance of information from an architect to an owner. Under some circumstances, an owner may request the architect to provide a proposal with more detailed information as a step between sharing its qualifications and entering a contract. B305-2021 includes prompts where an architect can enter information about its business structure, key personnel, design capabilities, honors and awards, project personnel and consultants, BIM capabilities, sustainability credentials, firm history, number of employees, professional licenses, and much more.

NOTE: B305™–2021 replaces B305™–1993.

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AIA Document B305–2021 is suitable for use by itself in order to share information about an architect’s qualifications. AIA Contract Documents offers many standard form owner/architect agreements that can be used after, or before, the architect completes B305–2021.


Differences between B305-1993 and B305-2021.

Much of the information requested in B305–2021 is similar to what was requested in B305-1993. Both documents have prompts where the architect can insert pertinent information about the architect’s key personnel, contact information, firm history, and business structure. However, B305-2021 has several new prompts where, for example, the architect can insert information about special business class certifications, recent and pending judgments and lawsuits, building information modeling capabilities, sustainability services, and the firm’s approach to quality management.

The B305-2021 also has new prompts where the architect can describe professional services that it provides that go beyond the traditional practice of architecture. Further, if the owner has requested the qualification statement in anticipation of a particular project, the architect can insert information about key personnel and consultants who the architect intends to use on the project.

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