Summary: G801™–2017, Notice of Additional Services




Changes from the previous edition



AIA Document G801–2017, Notice of Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement is intended to be used by an architect when notifying an owner of additional services pursuant to the AIA’s owner/architect agreements, such as AIA Document B101™–2017. For use and execution of a document, see its instructions »


Changes from the previous edition.

AIA Document G801–2017, Notice of Additional Services form replaces G801 -2007. G801-2017 includes a revised information block to identify the Project, Contract, Owner, Architect, and information relevant to the Notice of Additional Services. G801-2017 was also changed to allow the Architect to satisfy the Additional Services notice requirements of Section 4.2 of B101™ -2017, B103™ -2017, and B104™ -2017. For amendments that do not contemplate Additional Services, the Owner and Architect should use G802™-2017 to satisfy the requirements of Section 13.1 of B101-2017, B103-2017, and B104-2017.

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