Instructions: G710™–2017, Architect’s Supplemental Instructions



AIA Document G710–2017 is used by the architect to issue additional instructions or interpretations, or to order minor changes in the work. It is intended to assist the architect in performing its obligations as interpreter of the contract documents in accordance with the owner/architect agreement and the general conditions of the contract for construction. G710 should not be used to change the contract sum or contract time. It is intended to help the architect perform its services with respect to minor changes not involving adjustment in the contract sum or contract time. Such minor changes are authorized under Section 7.4 of AIA Document A201®–2017For all document details and a record of changes, see the summary »


Completing G710–2017.

The Architect initiates and prepares the form and forwards it to the Contractor. 

In the blank after “CONTRACT FOR:” the words “General Construction” may be inserted if the Contractor is a single prime (or general) Contractor; however, if the Contractor is one of several prime Contractors, the Work performed by that Contractor should be identified. 

The description of the action required should be carefully prepared after personal investigation or discussions with field personnel or Project Representatives. Written instructions or clarifications may be sufficient, but drawings or other graphic material should be provided as necessary. 

If separate sheets are attached, they should be clearly identified, numbered and dated. Copies should be retained by the Architect; other copies should be distributed to the Owner and other interested parties as marked at the top of the form.



Modifications. Particularly with respect to professional or contractor licensing laws, building codes, taxes, monetary and interest charges, arbitration, indemnification, format and font size, AIA Contract Documents may require modification to comply with state or local laws. Users are encouraged to consult an attorney before completing or modifying a document.

Reproductions. This document is a copyrighted work and may not be reproduced or excerpted from without the express written permission of the AIA. There is no implied permission to reproduce this document, nor does membership in The American Institute of Architects confer any further rights to reproduce this document. For more information, see the document footer and the AIA Contract Documents® Terms of Service.

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