Summary: F103™ – 2023, Maintenance Agreement for Ongoing Maintenance Work



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When to Use


AIA Document F103–2023 is a maintenance agreement between a client and a maintenance contractor to perform ongoing maintenance work. It is intended for use when the parties wish to include both the terms and the scope in a standalone agreement. Ongoing maintenance work includes work associated with repetitive maintenance needs regularly performed as part of a building’s upkeep (e.g., HVAC maintenance, cleaning services, lawn care, and snow removal). The F103-2023 prompts the parties to include both the terms and the scope of the maintenance work.

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Related Documents.

F103-2023 is part of the Facility Management family of documents, and may be used with the following maintenance forms: 

F701™-2023, Amendment to a Maintenance Agreement or Work Order Contract

F702™-2023, Invoice for Maintenance Work

F703™-2023, Request for Certificate of Insurance

F704™-2023, Status Report for Maintenance Work

When to Use.

F103-2023 may be used in the following situations: 

By a client or maintenance contractor who expects to execute a standalone contract for ongoing maintenance work.

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