Summary: F201™ – 2023, Work Order for As-Needed Maintenance Work



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When to Use


AIA Document F201–2023 is a work order document and must be used with AIA Contract Document F101-2023, Master Maintenance Agreement to form the contract between the client and contractor to perform as needed maintenance work. As needed maintenance work includes work associated with building repair, or simple building improvements (e.g., roof repairs, façade painting, parking lot striping, HVAC repairs, small building upgrades, or tenant improvements). F201-2023 prompts the parties to include the scope of the maintenance work.

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Related Documents.

F201-2023 is part of the Facility Management family of documents, and may be used with the following maintenance agreement and forms: 

F101™-2023, Master Maintenance Agreement

F701™-2023, Amendment to a Maintenance Agreement or Work Order Contract

F702™-2023, Invoice for Maintenance Work

F703™-2023, Request for Certificate of Insurance

F704™-2023, Status Report for Maintenance Work

When to Use.

F201-2023 may be used by a client who expects to execute the F101-2023 Master Maintenance Agreement along with one or more work orders with the same contractor for: 

Phased as-needed maintenance services, or multiple types of as needed maintenance services on a single property, where each work order represents each phase or service to be performed.

As-needed maintenance services across multiple properties, where each work order represents the services performed at each property location.

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