Instructions: F703™–2023, Request for Certificate of Insurance


AIA Document F703™–2023 is a standard form to request a certificate or certificates of insurance. It can be used in situations where an owner or client intends to request certificates of insurance from a contractor. F703-2023 can also be used to request certificates of insurance from subcontractors or consultants. F703-2023 requires the requesting party to select which insurance policies for which they would like to request certificates of insurance. F703-2023 also contains a prompt to designate whether the request is made pursuant to a written agreement, and a prompt to describe the reason for the request.   

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Completing F703-2023.

Parties. List the names of the parties sending and receiving the request for certification of insurance.

Request Date. The date represents the date of the request for the certificate of insurance.

Request Due Date. The date represents the date the certificate of insurance is due.

Certificate of Insurance Requested. Check the appropriate box for the insurance requested. If the insurance type is not listed in the form, check the “other” box and specify what insurance is requested.

Request Pursuant to Requirement in Written Agreement. If the insurance is requested pursuant to an existing agreement, check the applicable box and insert the date indicated on the cover page of the Maintenance Agreement or work order for which the request applies along with any reference to the section of the Maintenance Agreement or work order supporting the request. If there is no existing agreement supporting the request, check the applicable box.

Reason for the Request. Describe the reason for the request.

Other. Insert other details related to the request, such as the Maintenance Work building or location.

Executing the Request

The requestor should sign and date the request.


Use of Non-AIA Forms. If a combination of AIA contract documents and non-AIA contract documents is to be used, particular care must be taken to achieve consistency of language and intent among documents.

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