Summary: C204™ – 2020, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services: Sustainable Project Services




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AIA Document C204–2020, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services:  Sustainable Project Services, has been developed for use on a wide variety of sustainable projects, including those in which the sustainable objective includes obtaining a Sustainability Certification, such as LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), or those in which the sustainable objective is based on incorporation of performance-based sustainable design or construction elements. The consultant may be an architect or non-architect who specializes in sustainability. The consultant coordinates aspects such as pursuing sustainability certification with the certifying authority, conducting the sustainability workshop, and preparing a sustainability Plan while interfacing with the owner and architect. As required by the owner, the consultant assists during procurement and construction by answering questions related to the sustainability plan. C204–2020 addresses the risks, responsibilities, and opportunities unique to projects involving substantial elements of sustainable design and construction. 

C204–2020 is not a stand-alone document, but is intended to attach to an existing agreement, such as C103™-2015 Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Consultant without a Predefined Scope of Consultant’s Services, on a project that includes a sustainable objective

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This document is intended to be used with AIA Document C103–2015, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Consultant without a Predefined Scope of Consultant’s Services. For a more detailed discussion on the issues relevant to sustainable projects, please consult D503 Guide for Sustainable Projects. This document also presumes that E204™-2017 will accompany an owner-architect Agreement. When it does, the owner must modify the architect’s services in E204 to eliminate overlap with the consultant’s services in C204.

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