FAQs: A701™-2018, Instructions to Bidders


Does the AIA Contract Documents offer an Instructions to Bidders form?

Yes, A701-2018 which provides instructions on procedures, including bonding requirements, for Bidders to follow when preparing and submitting their bids. It is coordinated with AIA Document A201®, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction and may also be used with AIA Document A232™–2009, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, Construction Manager as Adviser edition.


When should A701 be used?

A701 is used when competitive bids are to be solicited for construction of the project.  


Does it matter if the project is public or private?   

No, A701 is written in a neutral manner to accommodate both project types. However, before completing the form, Owners and Architects should verify whether federal, state, and local laws impose requirements on public procurement contracts. Additionally, information from G612™-2017, Owner’s Instructions to the Architect, Part B: Bidding Procedures should be used to complete A701.


What information is included in the A701?   

A701 informs Bidders how to obtain documents to bid a Project; how to submit requests for clarification, interpretation, and substitutions; how addenda will be transmitted; and how to submit bids. Other topics addressed include bid security, modifying or withdrawing bids, and performance and payment bonds.


What are some of the major changes made to A701?

  • A701 has been updated to acknowledge electronic and paper bids.
  • A new provision cautions project participants of the potential exposure to liquidated damages by referring them to the form of Agreement between the Owner and Contractor to confirm the existence of any such provision.
  • A new section allows a Bidder who discovers a clerical error in its bid to withdraw it within two days, or a timeframe specified by the jurisdiction where the project is located, after bid-opening. To withdraw the bid, the Bidder must provide evidence of the clerical error to the reasonable satisfaction of the Architect.
  • Entities issuing bonds must be lawfully licensed in the jurisdiction where the project is located to ensure they are subject to regulation.
  • Parties must make a detailed enumeration of all proposed contract documents at the end of A701.


To which family of documents does A701 belong?

A701 is a part of the conventional family of documents; however, A701 can be used in other document families with appropriate edits.  


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