FAQs: A221™–2018, Work Order for use with Master Agreement Between Owner and Contractor


Does the AIA publish a work order for use with AIA Document A121™–2018, Standard Form of Master Agreement Between Owner and Contractor?

Yes, AIA Document A221–2018, Work Order for use with Master Agreement Between Owner and Contractor, is a Work Order for use with AIA Document A121–2018.


Is A221–2018 a stand-alone agreement?

No, AIA Document A221–2018 is a Work Order document and must be used with AIA Document A121–2018 to form the contract for construction. A221–2018 includes only the specific terms applicable to the Work Order, such as compensation, scope of work, and the date of substantial completion.


What kind of compensation methods can be used with A221–2018?

AIA Document A221–2018 can be used with most compensation methods including stipulated sum, Cost of the Work without a Guaranteed Maximum Price, or Cost of the Work with a Guaranteed Maximum Price. The compensation method will be chosen and described in each Work Order. Where a Cost of the Work compensation method is used, the Cost of the Work is defined by A121–2018 Exhibit, A: Determination of the Cost of the Work.


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