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Changes from the previous edition



Article 2 of B202–2020 defines programming and sets forth the architect’s scope of services in a series of iterative steps beginning with an overview of how the architect will administer these services. Programming consists of the architect working with the owner and programming participants to identify priorities, values, goals, and objectives and gathering information to develop performance and design criteria for the project. The architect will provide an initial program document to the owner, and thereafter, develop a final program of project requirements. AIA Document B202–2020 may be used in two ways: (1) incorporated into any owner-architect agreement as the architect’s sole scope of services or in conjunction with other scopes of service documents, or (2) attached to G802™–2017, Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement, to create a modification to an existing owner-architect agreement. B202–2020 is a scope of services document only and may not be used as a stand-alone agreement. 

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B202–2020 is not a stand-alone document but must be incorporated into an owner-architect agreement. It may be used with AIA Document B102™–2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Architect’s Services or with B102–2017 in conjunction with other standard form services documents. It may also be incorporated into any owner-architect agreement when it is executed or used with G802–2017, Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement, to create a modification.


Changes from the previous edition.

B202–2020 replaces AIA Document B202–2009. B202-2020 was revised to follow the format and terminology used in the 2017 edition of the standard form owner-architect agreements, as well as the 2017 edition of the architect scopes of service. It was also coordinated with Article 3 Programming Services from B152™-2019 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Interior Design and Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (FF&E) Design Services.

Below are highlights of the major changes.

Article 1 – Initial Information

Article 1 was expanded to include detailed Initial Information. The parties should complete the sections in this article as thoroughly as possible. In particular, the parties should (1) include a description of the Programming Services in Section 1.1.1; (2) identify the Owner’s Sustainable Objective, if any, in Section 1.1.2; (3) list the Architect’s consultants in Section 1.1.3; (4) list the Owner’s contractors and consultants that affect the Architect’s Programming Services in Section 1.1.4; and (5) list other relevant Initial Information in Section 1.1.5, such as the Owner’s budget and schedule.

Article 2 – Programming Services

§ 2.1 Administration of Programming Services

§ 2.1.1 This new section defines Programming Services.

§ 2.2 Identification of Values, Goals, and Objectives. Previous language stated that the Architect would identify and evaluate constraints and opportunities, including financial resources, that would impact the Project. That reference has been removed to minimize the Architect’s risk and exposure. The Architect should refrain from providing financial advice, as it is not a design-related service, and thus, not covered under standard professional liability insurance.

Article 3 – Supplemental and Additional Services

Article 3 reformats the Additional Services article. B202-2009 included two types of Additional Services: 1) Additional Services that were identified and contracted for at the time the Agreement was executed, and 2) Additional Services that arose as the project proceeded. To avoid the potential confusion caused by having two types of Additional Services, B202-2020 has re-categorized the first type as Supplemental Services. Supplemental Services refers to services that are identified as the Architect’s responsibility at the time the Agreement is executed. Additional Services now refer only to those services that may arise as the Project proceeds.

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