FAQs: Historic Preservation agreement or B205™–2017

 B205™–2017, Standard Form of Architect’s Services for Historic Preservation

Does the AIA offer an agreement for historic preservation services?

Yes, the AIA offers B205-2017, Standard Form of Architect’s Services for Historic Preservation.


Can B2052017 be used by itself?

No, B203–2017 is a scope of services document only and must be used with an Owner-Architect agreement. It may be attached as an exhibit to AIA Document B102™–2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Architect’s Services or used with AIA Document G802™–2017, Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement to modify any Owner-Architect agreement.


What services are included in B205–2017 for an Architect to evaluate the existing conditions of a historic building?

B205–2017 is structured as a menu of services. It includes Existing Buildings Assessment services for the Architect to document existing conditions; conduct a preliminary evaluation of the building; review code compliance; perform a structural and seismic investigation; assess the building’s facades; perform exploratory demolition; assess mechanical and electrical systems, including conveyance systems; analyze paint and mortar; assess finishes, fixtures, and furnishings; assess landscaping features; and identify environmental requirements.


Can B2052017 be used to hire an Architect to identify and comply with state, local, and federal historic preservation programs?

Yes, B205–2017 contains services related to historic preservation tax incentives (Section, National Register of Historic Places Nomination (Section, National Historic Landmark Nomination (Section, and Section 106 Review (Section B205–2017 also includes a provision where the parties can identify state and local preservation programs the Architect will assist in achieving.


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