Instructions: G801™–2017, Notice of Additional Services



AIA Document G801–2017, Notice of Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement is intended to be used by an architect when notifying an owner of additional services pursuant to the AIA’s owner/architect agreements, such as AIA Document B101™–2017For all document details and a record of changes, see the summary  »


Completing G801–2017.

This document should be submitted to the Owner’s Representative. The “Agreement dated” should be the date of the original Agreement between the parties. 

AIA Document G801–2017 is appropriate for use by two parties who have an agreement for professional services. The names of the parties should be indicated as they appear on the Agreement. Similarly, the Project’s name and address should be described as they appear in the Agreement. 

The Architect should select whether the Additional Services (a) require the Owner’s written authorization to proceed pursuant to Section 4.2.1 of B101-2017 and B103™-2017 or (b) are required to avoid delay in construction as allowed pursuant to Section 4.2.2 of B101-2017 and B103-2017. In either case, the Architect should describe the Additional Services and insert proposed adjustments to the Architect’s compensation and schedule. 

The Architect should execute G801-2017 and provide it to the Owner. If the Owner’s authorization is required, the Owner should execute the form and return it to the Architect.



Modifications. Particularly with respect to professional or contractor licensing laws, building codes, taxes, monetary and interest charges, arbitration, indemnification, format and font size, AIA Contract Documents may require modification to comply with state or local laws. Users are encouraged to consult an attorney before completing or modifying a document.

Reproductions. This document is a copyrighted work and may not be reproduced or excerpted from without the express written permission of the AIA. There is no implied permission to reproduce this document, nor does membership in The American Institute of Architects confer any further rights to reproduce this document. For more information, see the document footer and the AIA Contract Documents® Terms of Service.

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