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Adjusting your settings


My Settings

Your personal settings within AIA Contract Documents are accessed by clicking My Settings in the red box in the upper right corner of the software.

Note: Your settings are separate from your company settings, which you have access to if you are an administrator for a multiuser account.



Your license settings

In your settings, the License tab displays information about your AIA Contract Documents license, including your storage usage and availability and the number of days remaining on your license. There are also options to renew or upgrade your license, purchase additional storage, and reset your password.


To renew your license, you can click Renew under your license settings, or click here. You will also receive renewal notices via email.


Your document settings

In your settings, the Document tab allows you to control how your documents are handled. You can:

  • Enable or disable the display of the Important Notice for agreements and forms. These notices provide important notes for editing in the Online Editor. 
  • Specify the conditions under which you want to be prompted for additional choices when variance checking, finalizing, and using digital signatures for documents.
  • Specify the default editor for new draft agreements. You must set this to Always Online to open new agreements as drafts in the Online Editor. 
  • Specify a default signatory name to appear on the D401 Certification of Document’s Authenticity appended to final documents.
  • Adjust sharing settings when emailing a draft from the online service or sharing it through the Online Editor.
  • Enable or disable the display of the warning message for custom templates. This message provides important notes for creating a custom template in the Online Editor. 
  • Specify whether to variance check drafts created from custom templates.


You can return all settings to their original defaults by clicking Reset to Default Settings at the bottom of the screen.


Your general settings

In your settings, the General tab allows you to enable or disable the display of the Getting Started area on the AIA Contract Documents Home screen. You can also set your preferred time zone (default setting is Eastern Time). The time zone appears per your personalize settings only, so another user logging in will see the time zone based on his/her settings.

To adjust your time zone preference:

  1. Click on My Settings
  2. Click the General tab. 
  3. Under Time zone, select your preferred time zone from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click OK.  


This change will affect the date and time for the following:

  • Your view of the files in Home and Projects tab
  • Last Modified date for your files
  • The footnote timestamp in your finalized documents
  • The timestamp of the Additions and Deletions report


Note: Files that were created prior to changing a time zone setting will retain the original timestamp in the footers and Additions & Deletions report.

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