Password Protection on AIA Documents

You cannot unlock/unprotect an AIA Document; however, there are other features you can access within our system to perform certain actions like signing a final document or combining files together.


Digital signatures


There is a way to attach a digital signatures page to a final. Before generating a final, you have to go to the "My Settings" area at the top and make sure this is set up properly. Go to the "Document" tab in the My Settings menu to access these options. Read more about digital signatures here


Combining files together


In addition, you can combine files together using the "Project Manual" feature in the online platform.


Instructions on how to create a Project Manual:


AIA Contract Documents provides you with the ability to combine final documents and other PDF files into a single project manual in PDF format. PDFs from multiple projects may be selected. Non software-generated PDFs will need to be imported to a project before they can be added to your project manual. If the file's native associated application is other than pdf, they will first need to be converted from that particular file format to Adobe pdf file format prior to initiating the project manual feature.


To create a new project manual for a project:

  1. In the Project Details area, click the Project Manual button.
  2. Locate the project in the projects list and click the icon to expand it so the project documents are shown.
  3. Select the check box beside the documents to be included in the project manual. As you select the documents, they are added to the Selected Documents list. You can use the small arrow buttons to move documents up or down to arrange them in the order in which you want them to appear in the project manual. You can remove a document from the project manual by deselecting its check box
  4. When you finish selecting documents, type the name of the project manual in the Save Project Manual As text box and click OK.
  5. A message is displayed that the project manual was generated. The document will appear in the list of your project documents.


Read more about Project Manuals here


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