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Is AIA Document G204–2022 an agreement?  

No. AIA Document G204–2022, Model Element Table is not an agreement; rather, it is a project form used to document the LOD decisions once the project participants have agreed on them. Because the protocols are set forth in a form (and not part of the agreement), it is easier for project participants to revise the protocols as needed to evolve with the project’s needs.

What is the difference between G204-2022 Model Element Table and G205-2022 Abbreviated Model Element Table?

G204-2022 is a complete Model Element Table, containing all of the Model Element rows in the CSI Uniformat classification system; it is intended to be used for projects where BIM is being shared amongst all project participants and that require increased granularity with respect to their LOD decisions. G205-2022, on the other hand, is an abbreviated Model Element Table, including only the major CSI Uniformat model element rows. It is intended to be used in situations where BIM is being shared amongst only the design or construction team, or on projects where increased BIM LOD selection granularity is not required.


Does AIA Document G204 require signatures?  

No. Because AIA Document G204–2013, Model Element Table is not an agreement, it is not required to be signed. The project participants, however, should develop a method to establish that each project participant has, in fact, agreed to the latest version of the protocols set forth in G204.


What is the purpose of the Model Element Table in G204–2022?  

The Model Element Table in AIA Document G202–2022 allows the parties to establish, for each Model Element at set project milestones, the Level of Development (LOD) the Model Element will be developed to and the project participant (referred to as the Model Element Author) responsible for the development of the Model Element to the designated LOD. The LOD defitions are set forth in the exhibit previously agreed to by the parties, such as E201-2022, E202-2022, E401-2022, or E402-2022.


Can the Model Element Table in G204 be modified to suit the special needs of my project?  

Yes, the protocol table, as well as all the standard language, in AIA Document G204–2022 is intended to be modified as necessary to suit the needs of your project. G204-2022 is offered in excel for increased functionality.

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