Summary: E201™–2022, BIM Exhibit for Sharing Models with Project Participants, Where Model Versions May be Enumerated as a Contract Document



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AIA Document E201™–2022 is intended to be used when Models will be shared among all Project Participants, and some Model Versions will be enumerated as a Contract Document. With the evolving nature of the construction industry, it is reasonable to assume that Models, or – to be more precise, Model Versions – will be increasingly used in the same way that traditional 2D drawings are now: as Contract Documents. However, the decision of whether to permit a Model Version to be enumerated as a Contract Document is significant and has many consequences. Therefore, the new E201-2022 gives Project Participants the ability to explicitly permit or prohibit certain Model Versions to be enumerated as Contract Documents. As a result, since the same E201-2022 is attached to all of the contracts throughout the Project, all Project Participants are aligned in their understanding as to the extent of reliance on particular Model Versions. This unified understanding allows Model Authors to structure their modeling services and fees accordingly.  

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