FAQs: Request for proposal (RFP) agreements and forms

The AIA does not publish a general RFP either for architectural services or for a design-build project.

The AIA previously published the following two RFP forms to obtain particular engineering services:

G601™–1994, Request for Proposal–Land Survey;

G602™–1993, Request for Proposal–Geotechnical Services.

G601-1994 and G602-1993 were intended to be used as a request for proposal documents, which form an agreement between the Owner and Surveyor/Geotechnical Engineer when signed by both parties.

The AIA retired these two documents in 2017, and replaced them with: 

C201™-2015, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services for Land Survey

C202™-2015, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services for Geotechnical Engineering 

C201-2015 and C202-2015 no longer use the request for proposal approach and have been restructured to more accurately reflect current practice in the procurement of land surveying and geotechnical engineering services.

The AIA also publishes the following to obtain a proposal from a Contractor to change the scope of work in an existing contract:

G709™–2018, Proposal Request

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