FAQs: Insurance and Bonds Exhibit

What is the Insurance and Bonds Exhibit? 

It is a comprehensive exhibit that allows the parties to set forth the various insurance coverages and policy limits that will be purchased and maintained by the owner and contractor for the project. It is the exhibit A to AIA Documents A101®—2017A102™—2017A103™—2017 , A132™-2019,  and A134™—2019 and exhibit B to AIA Document A133™—2019.


How do I use the new Insurance and Bonds Exhibit included with AIA Documents?

The Insurance and Bonds exhibit separates the insurance coverages carried by the owner and contractor into two categories: required coverages and optional coverages. The optional coverages may be selected by including an X in the box next to the optional coverage. In many places, the Insurance and Bonds Exhibit requires that the parties input specific coverage limits for each of the required and selected optional coverages. 

When selecting and placing insurance for the project, it is best to discuss the Insurance and Bonds Exhibit with your insurance and legal advisors. They can explain to you the benefits and costs of each of the insurance products described in the Insurance and Bonds Exhibit and help you select the coverages and limits that will be appropriate for your project. 

It should also be noted that the Exhibit is coordinated with Article 11 of A201®, General Conditions document.

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