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FAQ: September 1, 2021- Security Update

FAQ: September 1, 2021- Security Update

1. What AIA Contract Documents (ACD) applications are affected by the security update?

Applications including (ACD5 Online Service), (ACD eCommerce), and (Documents on Demand) are affected by the change.

2. I have an AIA account, can I use those credentials to log in to ACD sites?

Existing accounts created before September 1, 2021, will require account owners to perform a one-time password reset that includes an email account verification. All password changes in ACD applications after September 1st will not be reflected in other applications, including and AIA Continuing Education.

3. I changed my password at Can I use the same account and password on ACD sites (,,,

No. Your and ACD accounts will be maintained and managed separately going forward.

4. I didn’t receive an email from ACD with the verification code during the email account verification process. What should I do?

Contact ACD Customer Support at They will provide you with a temporary password. The next time you log in to one of ACD’s applications you will be asked to enter a new password before proceeding.

5. Why is the password provided by custom support temporary?

To protect you, and to be Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant, we do not set permanent passwords.

6. I have an AIA membership. Will I continue to receive a discount when purchasing Contract Documents?

Yes, if you are an active AIA member.

7. When navigating between,, and, do I need to sign into each site separately?

No, your updated account will be a universal, single sign-on, meaning you can use the same credentials across these sites. However, to access, you must have a subscription to sign in.

8. Once I am logged in, how long will I be able to navigate between applications without being prompted to sign in a second time?

A session is good for one hour. If there is activity during a given session, you are able to navigate between applications without needing to log in a second time.

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