Purchasing Process (from selecting document to adding to checkout)

There are multiple ways to purchase your document.


  1. The first and quickest option (if you know the document number that you need), in the upper left corner, type in the document number in the field labeled “Search for documents”.
  2. That will pull up the document and any associated documents.
  3. Once you locate your option, you want to select your option.
  4. Within the Document square, you will select the drop-down and choose your document option (One time use: Fixed document or One time use: Editable document).
  5. Add to cart and then view cart.
  6. Once you review your cart details, you will select the checkout button.
  7. If you do not have an account, you will select “Create your account” and start the process for creating your account. Once your account is created you will select the cart in the upper right-hand corner of the page to begin the purchase process. (Skip to step 9)
  8. If you have an account, you will sign in and you will be brought to the payment screen where you can input your credit/debit card information.
  9. After inputting your payment information, select review order.
  10. You will be brought to the final page where you will confirm payment. After confirming payment, the website should automatically place you within your profile.
  11. Once you’re within your profile, what you select will be based on what you purchased.
  12. If you purchased a single use document (basic or editable) you will select “Purchase History” and select view document. The basic version will require general information while the editable version will login you into our online software platform,
  13. If an Annual Unlimited single user/multi-user license as purchased, you would select “Annual Subscription and then select view order. You can also select “Online service (ACD5)” in the upper right-hand corner
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